Monday, October 16, 2006

I-23 Olmert can't admit the truth.....because the knows what that will mean... so he has to blame someone...

Olmert speech doesn't mention pullback
JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert laid out his agenda for the coming year in a policy speech to parliament Monday, but he made no mention of the key issue that brought him to power: a unilateral pullback from the West Bank.

The omission reflected Olmert's weak political standing following the inconclusive war in Lebanon......Olmert was elected last March as leader of Kadima, a new political party promising a large withdrawal from the West Bank. The pullback, to be implemented without an agreement with the Palestinians, was to be based solely on Israeli security needs, similar to last year's unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

But Olmert was forced to put the plan on hold after militants in Gaza seized an Israeli soldier and Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon captured two soldiers in separate cross-border raids......... the failure to free the soldiers — has weakened Olmert.........

*********************** says a me comments **********************

u·ni·lat·er·al (yn-ltr-l)
1. Of, on, relating to, involving, or affecting only one side: "a unilateral advantage in defense" New Republic.
2. Performed or undertaken by only one side: unilateral disarmament.
3. Obligating only one of two or more parties, nations, or persons, as a contract or an agreement.

Olmerts was elected on the promise of a inilateral withdrawn from the West Bank... That's what he told the Israel people.... But his real intent and agenda was the just opposite... and now that it back fired on him... the Big Bully is pouting and playing the "oh poor me" game, asking for another chance... lets talk... lets not fight.. OK... I'll do what you ask this time. Lets be nice.. lets play nice.. I'll even put my tanks, planes and bombs away... Trust me......

Saysame JR


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