Sunday, October 22, 2006

I-29 Israels - Peres "Good Cop" contradicts Olmerts "Bad Cop" warning to Iran

Israel has no intention of attacking Iran: Peres

Israel has no aggressive intentions toward Iran, Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres said on Saturday, after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert cautioned Tehran it would pay a price for pursuing its nuclear ambitions...... "We must never consider such a thing," Peres told Channel Two television when asked if he would support an independent Israeli military strike against Iran if other nations failed to curb its uranium enrichment program.

"Israel has never shown aggressive intentions (toward Iran) -- it has none. I don't think we have to, or can, deal with this issue," he said, cautioning that Israel could face international isolation if it attacked Iran...... Israel has said repeatedly it wants the United States and other countries to take the lead in dealing with Iran over a nuclear program that has raised international concern the Islamic Republic could build atomic weapons.

**************************** Says a me comment ************************

Hey it's the old "bad cop Olmert"..... "good cop Peres" political game... Of course Israel wouldn't attack Iran.... it couldn't defeat Hezbollah in Lebanon, a rag-tag army or non-professional soldiers with antiquated weapons ... All Israel needs to do is provoke Iran.. like the little "barking" dog... and then let the BIG dog.... USA go in blasting.... and "AWE and shock" the Iranians into surrendering peacefully like Iraq... and thus solve Israels issues and fears....


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