Monday, November 13, 2006

I-48 Israel watches as US and UK now seek help from so-called terrorist Iran and Syria to help stablize Iraq..

Bush maintains tough line on Iran The US and UK governments have indicated there will be no softening of their stances on Iran and Syria despite calls for their help to stabilise Iraq...... President Bush said Iran must halt its nuclear activities and Syria stay out of Lebanon before talks could begin.

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair urged Tehran to "stop supporting terrorism" in the region or face isolation..... Engaging Iraq's neighbours is one of the proposals being considered as part of a re-think of US strategy in Iraq..... In a major foreign policy speech in London, Mr Blair put the blame for the violence in Iraq squarely on outside forces.

He accused Tehran of exploiting "pressure points in the region" - Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinians - to thwart international efforts to rein in its nuclear programme...... "We offer Iran a clear strategic choice. They help the Middle East peace process, not hinder it. They stop supporting terrorism in Lebanon or Iraq. They abide by, not flout, their international obligations...... "In that case, a new partnership is possible. Or alternatively, they face the consequence of not doing so: isolation," Mr Blair said.

Iraq: What Iran and Syria want Washington may need the two regional allies to help stabilise Iraq in order to pull its own troops back from an increasingly unpopular commitment there.

But given its fraught relations with Tehran and Damascus, Washington is only likely to secure active Iranian and Syrian co-operation by paying a high price diplomatically from two countries known for their hard bargaining.

Israel, US have 'complete understanding' on Iran: Olmert WASHINGTON (AFP) - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that
Israel and the United States had "complete understanding" on
Iran, as President George W. Bush threatened to isolate Tehran unless it suspends its nuclear programme...... Bush said that if Iran continues with its programme, which the United States and Israel believe is aimed at developing an atomic bomb despite Iran's denials, "there has to be a consequence for their intransigence.".... "And a good place to start is working together to isolate the country," he said, branding a nuclear-armed Iran as an "incredibly destabilizing, and obviously very threatening to our strong ally," Israel.

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In the preceeding post, Bush and blair are looking to Iran and Syria for help to stabilize Iraq and now he calls Iran "incredibly destabilizing".... Dah! So what logic is there is having talks with Iran over Iraq if Iran is seen as a problem in Iraq??? More word games and political BS....

Saysame JR

UPDATES: '06 Nov 14 Iran will talk if U.S. 'behaves'


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