Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I-56 Bush plays "the good guy" with the death of Christian and US supporter

Bush pledges to stand by Lebanon US President George W Bush has pledged to support Lebanon's independence from what he called the "encroachments of Iran and Syria", a US official said..... Mr Bush's promise came in a call to Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, following Tuesday's murder of leading anti-Syrian politician Pierre Gemayel.... Mr Gemayel, Lebanon's industry minister, was shot in broad daylight in his car in a Christian area of Beirut.

In his telephone call to Mr Siniora, Mr Bush reiterated the "unwavering commitment of the United States to help build Lebanese democracy and to support Lebanese independence from the encroachments of Iran and Syria," an official at the White House said.

Mr Bush has not specifically blamed Iran or Syria for Mr Gemayel's murder but he has called for a full investigation to identify "those people and those forces" behind the killing.

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True his character, Bush, who let Israel bomb Lebanon and kill thousands a few months ago and never said a word against Israel, but now offers to help find the assassins of a pro US Christian Lebanese official and that he now blames on Iran and Syria... He's just looking after his best interests in Lebannon and for any excuse to provoke and attack Syria and Iran.

Saysame JR


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