Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I-40 Israel... itching for a fight.... yet deny being aggressive

Israeli planes stage mock raids BEIRUT, Lebanon - Israeli fighter jets staged mock raids over Hezbollah strongholds in Beirut and two southern towns on Tuesday in the heaviest show of air power over Lebanon since an August cease-fire ended the war between Israel and the guerrillas.....The Israeli military refused to confirm that its planes had flown over Beirut or other areas, saying it does not release details of military operations.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Jean-Baptiste Mattei said in Paris, "We call on Israel to put an end to these overflights and we call on all partners to refrain from any act that could maintain or increase tension."

The operation also came a few hours before Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah was scheduled to appear on a Lebanese television channel.... Nasrallah has been in hiding since the Israeli offensive began in July, appearing in public only once, on Sept. 22, to give a speech at a Hezbollah "victory rally." Israeli officials have threatened to assassinate him.

**************************** says a me comment **************************

It's the old double standard GOLDEN RULE again.. "do as I say, don't do as I do", as Israel sees nothing wrong with its official decree to assassinate another countries political leader.. yet would deem the same action against them as a act of terrorism...

France rebukes Israel over jets

Monday, October 30, 2006

I-39 Olmert forms new government.... Israel expands offensive in Gaza

An Israeli armoured personnel carrier, right, followed by an army bulldozer.... Israel may expand offensive in Gaza

JERUSALEM - Israel plans to expand its military offensive in the Gaza Strip and will decide soon on the what kind of operation it will conduct, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Monday...... Olmert said, "There is no doubt that we have to take steps to reduce the ability of the Palestinians to fire rockets at Israel and smuggle in weapons," but no decision has been made on exactly what to do, according to a participant in the meeting.

UPDATE: PM: Israel will stop Palestinian arms JERUSALEM - Israel will take action to stop Palestinian arms smuggling and rocket fire in the Gaza Strip, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Monday, but he could not point to specific solutions..... Olmert also said any new offensive would not result in Israel's retaking Gaza, which it left a year ago after a 38-year occupation....

Olmert was speaking at a special Cabinet session to vote approval of the addition of an ultra-hawkish party to his ruling coalition, a step seen as virtually ruling out any Israeli-Palestinian peace initiatives in the near future. Avigdor Lieberman, head of the Yisrael Beiteinu Party, has advocated bombing Palestinian population centers and redrawing Israel's borders to exclude its Arab citizens. He becomes a deputy prime minister.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I-38 Olmert ... Neck out of noose.... Back in POWER

Israeli Labor votes to stay in gov't
Talks on new Israeli government
JERUSALEM - Israel's dovish Labor Party bent its ideology Sunday and voted to stay in Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's government, despite his intention to add an ultra-hawkish party to his ruling coalition.

The vote clears the way for Olmert to bring hard-liner Avigdor Lieberman and his party into the government, giving the premier a large cushion of parliamentary support with the approach of crucial votes, including the state budget. In the past, Lieberman has called for bombing Iran, Egypt and Palestinian population centers, as well as drawing Israel's borders to exclude most of its Arab citizens.

I-37 US putting the ((((squeeze))) on Iran...

US demands UN sanctions on Iran US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has urged the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution imposing sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme.

Iran rejects Western allegations that its nuclear programme has a military aspect, and maintains it is enriching uranium only to generate electricity..... China's UN delegate Li Junhua said it was premature to say that the Security Council was in a position to impose sanctions.

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The now the news.... behind the news... Besides the US doing Israels bidding... the US is also after Irans oil supply... and has been slowing squeezing the life out of Iran... Oil rich... yet shackled by the sanctions imposed on it by the US..

Saysame JR

Iran has the world's second biggest proven oil reserves after Saudi Arabia and the second biggest gas reserves after Russia.

Iran's geo-strategic position and its already-existing network of pipelines also make it a key actor in the energy world...... Iran is currently Opec's second largest producer..... But international and domestic factors have hampered optimal use by Iran of its energy resources since the 1979 revolution that toppled the Shah.

Iran supplies about 5% of the world's oil supply. In February 2006 an oil ministry official put crude production at 3.5-4m bpd, a figure which could be increased by 1m bpd "although it calls for major investments.....

Iran's oil and gas sector suffers from under-investment as a result of US sanctions, which have been in force for more than two decades.

The sanctions have not only kept US companies out of Iran but have also served as a disincentive to other countries' firms and multinationals because of the threat of secondary sanctions (approved by the US Congress in 1996).

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I-36 Rice presses for Hezbollah's disarmament....

Rice presses for Hezbollah's disarmament

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stepped up international pressure on Hezbollah to disarm, saying the guerrilla group must surrender its weapons if it wants to remain part of Lebanon's political process.... Rice, in an interview with the privately owned Lebanese Broadcasting Corp. aired Friday, urged Hezbollah to lay down its arms according to the Aug. 14 cease-fire that ended its 34-day war with Israel, and choose between being a militant group and a legitimate political organization....

"If Hezbollah wants to be in politics... Hezbollah should be disarmed. You cannot have one foot in terror and the use of violence and the other foot in politics. It just doesn't work that way," Rice said.

*************************** says a me comment ****************************

A good example of what I call one sided diplomacy... If giving up arms is the road to peace... then that must also include Israel... If Rice asked Israel to dis-arm... what kind of comment do you think she would get??? Of course if Hezbollah bought Rices story... Isreal could then do very much as it pleased... like they are doing with Palestine... Israel didn't win the war in Lebanon... but if Hezoballah dis-armed... then Israel could attack Lebanon again and this time they would win.. Good plan Rice.. but only if Hezoballah is as stupid as you are.... Dah????

Says a me JR

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I-35 Israel flexing muscles at German Naval Patrol but denies doing so

Israel, Germany at odds over Lebanon air incident
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel denied a German newspaper report on Wednesday that two of its air force planes had fired twice as they flew over a German navy ship patrolling the Lebanon coast as part of an international peacekeeper force.

The German daily Der Tagesspiegel quoted a German junior defense minister as telling a parliamentary committee two Israeli F-16 fighters had flown low over the ship, firing twice...... The jets also activated infra-red countermeasures to ward off any rocket attack, the paper quoted him as saying, in an advance release from Thursday's edition...... "There was no such incident," an Israeli military spokeswoman said.

************************ Says a me comment **********************

In doing a Google image search for a picture of the Israel F16, I came upon this interesting site... Things that make you go Hummmmmmmmm? Another piece of the puzzle?

Saysame JR

Updates: Israel denies German ship clash

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I-34 More Israeli Political shit hits the proverbial fan

Olmert faces bribery allegations Israel's attorney-general is investigating allegations that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert accepted bribes as acting finance minister last year...... The allegations - on an Israeli website - say he took the bribes during a major bank privatisation deal.

Mr Olmert denies any wrongdoing. He faces several corruption inquiries, but no formal charges have been filed..... This is the latest in a series of allegations of wrongdoing by senior political figures in Israel.

I-33 Jews at home.... and welcome in Iran? I didn't know!

Iran's proud but discreet Jews
Although Iran and Israel are bitter enemies, few know that Iran is home to the largest number of Jews anywhere in the Middle East outside Israel..... About 25,000 Jews live in Iran and most are determined to remain no matter what the pressures - as proud of their Iranian culture as of their Jewish roots.

It is not a sight you would expect in a revolutionary Islamic state, but there are synagogues dotted all over Iran where Jews discreetly practise their religion..... "Because of our long history here we are tolerated," says Jewish community leader Unees Hammami, who organised the prayers..... He says the father of Iran's revolution, Imam Khomeini, recognised Jews as a religious minority that should be protected..... As a result Jews have one representative in the Iranian parliament.

I-32 Anti Jewish up-rising... and back lash...

Britain is turning on the U.S. - at its own peril........ Open season on Jews This has opened a Pandora's box of anti-Jewish prejudice in Britain....

The biggest single cause of British anti-Americanism, however, is Israel. Despite being the target for more than half a century of genocidal Arab and Muslim aggression, Israel is widely perceived in Britain as the regional bully, and its acts of self-defense are viewed as the principal motor behind both the Middle East impasse and Islamic grievance because of its supposed refusal to allow the Palestinians to have a state of their own.

'06 Oct 20 Envoy: 'German Jews feel unsafe' The Israeli ambassador to Germany has said he is concerned for Jews in Germany, against the background of what he says is rising anti-semitism there

Monday, October 23, 2006

I-31 Evil and MORE evil... the LUST for power and control...

Olmert appeals to world on Iran threats

JERUSALEM - Iran must be prevented from attaining nuclear weapons, and its threats to destroy Israel must not be taken lightly, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Monday...... "We have to prepare for the struggle to prevent this capability being attained," Olmert told a business conference, referring to the possibility of an Iranian nuclear weapon. "This struggle is not just Israel's, it is not first and foremost Israel's."

Israel considers Iran to be the greatest threat to its survival, and rejects Tehran's claim that its nuclear program is peaceful. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly called for the Jewish state's destruction, and Iran already has missiles capable of carrying payloads to Israel....... Olmert has raised the heat of Israel's anti-Iran rhetoric in recent days, warning last week that Tehran would have "a price to pay" if it does not back down from its atomic ambitions.


Israeli party to join Olmert's coalition

JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, in a bid for political survival, struck an alliance Monday with a hard-liner who has called for stripping Israeli Arabs of citizenship, executing lawmakers for talking to Hamas and bombing Palestinian population centers....... Taking the hawkish Yisrael Beiteinu party into the government would shore up Olmert's coalition, weakened badly by the war with Hezbollah, but probably ends any hope for a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from much of the West Bank.

Yisrael Beiteinu's leader, Avigdor Lieberman, announced the deal Monday after meeting Olmert. "We are joining the government," the smiling Lieberman said...... Olmert said as deputy prime minister, Lieberman would be responsible for "strategic threats," such as Iran's nuclear ambitions. His appointment must be approved by parliament, a step seen as a formality.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I-30 Israel defies UN cease Fire... UN threatens Israel... by issusing a formal "protest" ---- not withstanding....

'06 Oct 22 Israel admits phosphorus bombing Israel has for the first time admitted it used controversial phosphorus bombs during fighting against Hezbollah in Lebanon in July and August..... Israel had previously said the weapons were used only to mark targets...... Phosphorus weapons cause chemical burns and the Red Cross and human rights groups say they should be treated as chemical weapons....... The Geneva Conventions ban the use of white phosphorus as an incendiary weapon against civilian populations and in air attacks against military forces in civilian areas.
06 Oct 22 Israel to keep up Lebanon flights

'06 Oct 22 Unifil head hints at use of force The commander of UN peacekeepers in Lebanon (Unifil) has suggested the use of force to stop continuing Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace.....But French Gen Alain Pellegrini said this would require the UN to change the rules of engagement for its troops.

He said that Israeli air incursions were a "clear violation of the UN Security Council 1701.... "They are not to be accepted. Every time these occur, we report them first to the [UN] secretary general immediately and we protest to the Israelis"....... He said France had deployed anti-aircraft missiles to Lebanon but under current rules could only use them to protect its own soldiers.

I-29 Israels - Peres "Good Cop" contradicts Olmerts "Bad Cop" warning to Iran

Israel has no intention of attacking Iran: Peres

Israel has no aggressive intentions toward Iran, Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres said on Saturday, after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert cautioned Tehran it would pay a price for pursuing its nuclear ambitions...... "We must never consider such a thing," Peres told Channel Two television when asked if he would support an independent Israeli military strike against Iran if other nations failed to curb its uranium enrichment program.

"Israel has never shown aggressive intentions (toward Iran) -- it has none. I don't think we have to, or can, deal with this issue," he said, cautioning that Israel could face international isolation if it attacked Iran...... Israel has said repeatedly it wants the United States and other countries to take the lead in dealing with Iran over a nuclear program that has raised international concern the Islamic Republic could build atomic weapons.

**************************** Says a me comment ************************

Hey it's the old "bad cop Olmert"..... "good cop Peres" political game... Of course Israel wouldn't attack Iran.... it couldn't defeat Hezbollah in Lebanon, a rag-tag army or non-professional soldiers with antiquated weapons ... All Israel needs to do is provoke Iran.. like the little "barking" dog... and then let the BIG dog.... USA go in blasting.... and "AWE and shock" the Iranians into surrendering peacefully like Iraq... and thus solve Israels issues and fears....

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I-28 USA - Israel ...... plan next move on Iran

Rice confident of U.N. action on Iran
MOSCOW - The swift move to penalize North Korea for its nuclear test could clear the way for punishing Iran over its disputed nuclear program, Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice said Saturday. "It really does help to create a momentum," Rice said after leaving four days of crisis talks in Asia in response to the North's test......... Yet Rice as headed into meetings with Russian leaders on North Korea and Iran, the foreign minister insisted Moscow will not allow the United Nations to impose punitive sanctions against Tehran......

The Security Council is expected to consider a draft sanctions resolution next week. Iran claims its nascent program to produce nuclear fuel is intended only to develop peaceful nuclear power. The United States and some allies claim Iran is hiding plans to build a bomb.......

Russia has come under strong pressure from the United States to halt work on the nuclear reactor in the southern city of Bushehr, which is due to start work next September. Fuel from the plant potentially could be diverted and used to produce bombs......... Moscow has refused to cancel the contract or an order worth $700 million to supply 29 sophisticated Tor-M1 air defense missile systems to Iran......

UPDATES: Russia minister: No punishment for Iran

Friday, October 20, 2006

I-27 Irans point of view.... of Israels actions..

Iran warns of revenge over Israel

Iran's president has warned that Muslims around the world will take revenge on states which support Israel against the Palestinians....... Mahmoud Ahmadinejad again questioned the extent of the Holocaust, when German Nazis murdered six million Jews...... Israel was founded on "claims about the Holocaust" for which the Palestinians were paying the price, he told a rally.

Mr Ahmadinejad called Israel's leaders a "group of terrorists" and appeared to threaten any country that supports it.

I-26 Israel fabricates another lie to continue hostility with Iran...

Israel accuses Iran of blocking release

Israel accused the Iranian government of paying $50 million to block a deal that would have freed an Israeli soldier captured by Hamas-linked militants who crossed from Gaza into Israel on June 25. Hamas and Iran dismissed the accusation as untrue.......

Israel's U.N. Ambassador Dan Gillerman told the Security Council on Thursday that "we heard news" earlier in the day that Tehran bribed Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal "to sabotage the negotiations on the release of Cpl. Gilad Shalit and prevent his release."

Gillerman later refused to divulge the basis of the allegation or provide details, saying only that "we have every reason to believe that the Iranian regime has bribed Khaled Mashaal."

*************************** says a me comment *********************************

I choose the heading, "Israel fabricates another lie to continue hostilities with Iran..." because if Israel really had proof, then Gillerman would not have said ...

"Gillerman later refused to divulge the basis of the allegation or provide details, saying only that "we have every reason to believe that the Iranian regime has bribed Khaled Mashaal."...

Anyone can make accusations... and without showing his proof... it's nothing more than a deliberate intent to stir up tension with Iran... Isreal speaks of seeking peace.. but their words and actions are anything but....

Says a me

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I-25 Israel - demands Irans unconditional surrender to Israeli demands... or else...

Olmert warns Iran about its nuke program

Israel's prime minister delivered his strongest comments yet on Iran's nuclear program, warning Thursday that Tehran would have "a price to pay" if it does not back down from its atomic ambitions and hinting that Israel might be forced to take action......"They have to understand that if they object to every compromise, there will be a price to pay," Olmert said on a flight back to Israel after a three-day trip to Moscow.

************************* Says a me Comment *********************************

Olmert is not talking about negotiating... he is blatantly threatening Iran.... when he says... "if they object to every compromise, there will be a price to pay," What he's basically saying is that anything but unconditional copulation by Iran to Israeli demands is an act of aggression... and that Iran will suffer the consequences... There is no choice here for Iran... other than complete surrender to Israel, who will then do as they please... without question.... Hummmmmmmm... Sounds of Bush...

Israel considers Iran it's biggest threat... and does not want to see it have any nuclear capabilities that would put it on an equal footing with Israel, which already has nuclear weapons... but denies having them and denies inspections to prove that they don't... but of course.... they insist and demand that Iran does what they don't do....

Saysame JR

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I-24 Fearful Israeli Military Goliaths ..... shoot and kill ..... stone throwing Davids

Israelis kill 5 Palestinians

NABLUS, West Bank - Israeli troops shot and killed five Palestinians in the
West Bank on Tuesday, including two militants and a 16-year-old boy who had been throwing stones at an army jeep, Palestinians said.... In one of the shootings, a militant from the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, linked to the Fatah movement of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and his cousin were killed by Israeli undercover soldiers....

Later Tuesday, two more Palestinians were killed by army gunfire in Qabatiyeh after throwing stones at an army jeep, Palestinian security officials said. The dead were identified as Mohammed Kmeil, 16, who was shot in the neck, and Hani Khalil Kmeil, 20, who was shot in the chest.

The military said it fired at the rock-throwers, killing one of them.

*********************** Says a me comment *********************

"killed by Israeli undercover soldiers" ....

"two more Palestinians were killed by army gunfire in Qabatiyeh after throwing stones at an army jeep"

Nothing to say....Saysame JR

Monday, October 16, 2006

I-23 Olmert can't admit the truth.....because the knows what that will mean... so he has to blame someone...

Olmert speech doesn't mention pullback
JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert laid out his agenda for the coming year in a policy speech to parliament Monday, but he made no mention of the key issue that brought him to power: a unilateral pullback from the West Bank.

The omission reflected Olmert's weak political standing following the inconclusive war in Lebanon......Olmert was elected last March as leader of Kadima, a new political party promising a large withdrawal from the West Bank. The pullback, to be implemented without an agreement with the Palestinians, was to be based solely on Israeli security needs, similar to last year's unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

But Olmert was forced to put the plan on hold after militants in Gaza seized an Israeli soldier and Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon captured two soldiers in separate cross-border raids......... the failure to free the soldiers — has weakened Olmert.........

*********************** says a me comments **********************

u·ni·lat·er·al (yn-ltr-l)
1. Of, on, relating to, involving, or affecting only one side: "a unilateral advantage in defense" New Republic.
2. Performed or undertaken by only one side: unilateral disarmament.
3. Obligating only one of two or more parties, nations, or persons, as a contract or an agreement.

Olmerts was elected on the promise of a inilateral withdrawn from the West Bank... That's what he told the Israel people.... But his real intent and agenda was the just opposite... and now that it back fired on him... the Big Bully is pouting and playing the "oh poor me" game, asking for another chance... lets talk... lets not fight.. OK... I'll do what you ask this time. Lets be nice.. lets play nice.. I'll even put my tanks, planes and bombs away... Trust me......

Saysame JR

I-22 Israel now wants to talk peace ???? Why not BEFORE the war on Lebanon...

Israel wants Lebanon talks but not Syria

JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday invited the Lebanese prime minister to begin peace talks following Israel's recent war against Hezbollah guerrillas, but Olmert ruled out peace talks with Syria at the present time, saying President Bashar Assad isn't a suitable negotiating partner.....

Olmert said that Israel made significant gains in its battle against the Lebanese guerrilla group. Olmert has been heavily criticized for his handling of the war, in which Hezbollah fired thousands of rockets into Israel.

******************************* Says a me comment ***************************

The real reason Olmert has asked Lebanon to attend peace talks is becasue an election is coming and he wants to remain in power...

Saysame JR

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I-21 Israeli president - Moshe Katsav in sex scandal

Police accuse Israeli president of rape
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel said on Sunday its police force had acquired evidence suggesting President Moshe Katsav had raped and molested women who worked for him...... "There is prima facie evidence of a number of incidents in which several women who worked under his authority were involved, that the president carried out sex crimes of rape, sexual molestation by force and without consent."

Katsav was also suspected of "a violation of a law against eavesdropping" and involvement in fraud, it said, summing up findings presented by a team of police investigators.

UPDATES: Moshe Katsav: Israel's president embroiled in sex scandal
Police back Katsav rape charges

Update: '06 Oct 20 Russia Putin's 'rape joke' played down
'06 Oct 30 Israel's Katsav dismisses call to resign

Friday, October 13, 2006

I-20 Canada...... speaks out?

Israel war crime charge roils Canada politics OTTAWA (Reuters) - The leading candidate to head the Liberal Party was defiant on Friday after opening a political can of worms with the charge that Israel committed war crimes during its Lebanon campaign this summer....... Michael Ignatieff, a human rights expert and a former Harvard don, said at the weekend that Israel committed a war crime when it bombarded the Lebanese village of Qana in July.

That prompted angry complaints from Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper that the Liberals, who have more often than not run Canada, had taken an anti-Israel stance.

Harper(Prime Minister of Canada by default) is a Conservitive, American Bush Cronnie... and will do what Bush tells him to do... It interesting to see the old political rhetoric kick in, as Harper didn't admit that he was pro-Israel or ask for more information... but instead attacked and accused Michael Ignatieff of being anti-Israel... Is "dah leader" un-aware of the UN reports raising the same issues? Dah!!! now that's CANADA.. eh! GOD...... HELP US!!!! Save us from Harperism.....


I-19 Israels abuse continues...... History with a twist..... SS clash with troublesome Jews...

Palestinians clash with Israeli soldiers
JERUSALEM - Hundreds of Palestinians fought with Israeli troops and used makeshift ladders to climb over Israel's towering West Bank separation barrier Friday after being barred from entering Jerusalem to attend Ramadan services at Islam's third-holiest shrine.

The apparently spontaneous outbursts at checkpoints around the holy city reflected Palestinians' growing anger with the continued construction of the barrier and their frustration with Israeli restrictions keeping many of them out of Jerusalem. Israeli forces dispersed the crowds with tear gas, stun grenades, rubber bullets and water cannons.

The violence at the West Bank checkpoints outside Jerusalem began Friday morning as hundreds of Palestinians tried to head to the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem for prayers. It is considered an honor to attend Friday prayers during the holy month of Ramadan at Al-Aqsa, where tradition says the Prophet Muhammad, Islam's founder, ascended to heaven.

The barrier runs along the frontier with the West Bank, but snakes inside the territory in several places to include Jewish settlements on the Israel side. Israel says the structure is needed to keep out attackers. The Palestinians condemn it as an Israeli attempt to annex land they claim for a future state...... Israel has finished building more than half the barrier, which is expected to run for 437 miles.

I-18 Might is Right...and MORE might is even MORE right...

Israel ramps up Gaza offensive; 4 dead GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israel stepped up its offensive in the Gaza Strip on Friday, killing at least four people in a series of attacks throughout the coastal area.....The fighting brought the death toll in the offensive to 13 Palestinians, including a young girl, since Thursday.

The army has been carrying out an offensive throughout Gaza since June, when militants linked to the ruling Hamas militant group tunneled into Israel and captured an Israeli soldier. The soldier remains in captivity...... The latest Israeli activity has been focused in the Abassan area, near the southern city of Khan Younis. An Israeli airstrike on Thursday killed six people, including two teenage civilians.

In the West Bank, Palestinians trying to enter Jerusalem for Friday prayers clashed with police and soldiers at five Israeli checkpoints around the city. The protesters had hoped to attend weekly prayers at the Al-Aqsa mosque, Islam's third-holiest site, during the Ramadan holy month....... Israel does not allow Palestinian men under 40 to attend the Ramadan prayers, citing security concerns. Younger men angry about not being allowed into the city threw stones at troops, Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said.

I-17 British Foreign and Commonwealth Office ........ Biased Pro Israel....

Rights study attacked for Israel 'bias'.... The Foreign and Commonwealth Office was accused yesterday of applying double standards after its annual human rights report condemned Hezbollah and Syria for abuses in Lebanon, but omitted any criticism of Israel.

The section on the war in Lebanon said that Hezbollah fired 4,000 rockets into northern Israeli cities, killing 40 civilians and injuring 2,000 more. “We remain deeply concerned by Syria’s ongoing support for Hezbollah,” the 355-page report added....... But the document made no mention of Israel’s actions. It has faced widespread condemnation for its bombardment of southern Lebanon and the Shia Muslim southern suburbs of Beirut, where nearly 1,200 Lebanese were killed.

The report does show a photograph of a woman picking through the remains of her home in Beirut, but does not explain who destroyed it.

Amnesty International, which has accused both sides of war crimes, demanded that the FCO be more “evenhanded”. The Foreign Office said that the war came too late to be dealt with comprehensively and that Israel’s part would be covered next year.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I-16 Israels - Olmert scrambling to maintain HIS personal power

Olmert courts hard-line party in Israel JERUSALEM - With his political fortunes plummeting after the war in Lebanon, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is scrambling to shore up his rickety coalition by courting a hard-line party that favors redrawing Israel's borders to exclude Arab citizens......Bringing the Yisrael Beitenu party into the coalition would mark a sharp turn to the right for Olmert, who was elected on pledges to cede large parts of the West Bank, and could hurt already slim chances of restarting peace talks.....
Political power or peace??? What's his real agenda... Power!!!!! of course.. but he'll say it's peace that he can bring if HE has the POWER..... Yea Right! Where have I heard that before?

Saysame, JR

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I-15 Israels hidden agenda ...... ethnic cleansing

U.N. notes increase in Israel roadblocks http://www.examiner.com/a-337990~U_N__Notes_Increase_in_Israel_Roadblocks.html

Israel's network of military checkpoints and road barriers in the West Bank has grown by 40 percent in the past year, from 376 in August 2005 to 528 in September of this year. It's part of an increasingly sophisticated system of controls that disrupts all aspects of Palestinian life, a U.N. agency said Wednesday...... "It cannot continue like it is now without a social explosion that will hurt everybody, including Israeli security," said Jan Egeland, the U.N. humanitarian chief.......

Israel is also pushing ahead with the construction of its separation barrier along, and in many areas inside the West Bank. The barrier eventually will run for 437 miles; 252 miles have been completed, including 27 miles in the past five months, Shearer said.......

Some 50,000 Palestinians have found themselves on the wrong side of the barrier, meaning they are separated from the rest of the West Bank, Shearer said....."We are seeing a continuing closing down, locking down of Palestinian areas," he said....

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I-14 UN ... a global facade for corruption

The UN was founded in 1945, after the end of World War II, replacing the League of Nations that had been operating since 1919. The (UN) United Nations was intended to be an international organization whose aims were to facilitate co-operation in international law, international security, economic development, and social equity. It was to prevent and intervene in conflicts between nations and make future wars impossible or limited.

It was originally formed by the five victorious countries of WWII: the United Kingdom, France, Russia (which replaced the Soviet Union), the United States and the People's Republic of China (which replaced the Republic of China). These original five members made sure that they had special rank, privilege and veto power over the other 51 countries that later signed the UN Charter. This privileged group of five, became known as the permanent members of the UN Security Council and have basically run the UN as they see fit.

The organization's structure has basically remained unchanged since it was founded. And as of 2006, there are 192 member states, and while they are "members" they have little or no power as the UN is run at the discursion of the 5 member security council. And as the USA is (at present) the major global power, the UN either abides by or turns a blind eye to the wishes and actions of the US and its allies. Any verbal protest from the UN is only that, a "verbal" protest and a bark from a toothless tethered dog in a false show of bravado and power.


Friday, October 06, 2006

I-13 UN - Double Standards - Double Crossed

UN warcrimes prosecutor attacks international double standards
THE HAGUE (AFP) - Chief UN warcrimes prosecutor Carla del Ponte hit out at international double standards, saying some serious crimes such as during the Israel - Lebanon were just simply being ignored......

"We are faced with conflicts where, according to credible reports, serious violations of international humanitarian law were committed, for instance during the recent Israel-Lebanon conflict, but no independent criminal investigation is taking place," she told a seminar of international prosecutors here.

"As lawyers, we have an obligation to ensure that the same rules apply everywhere. However, double standards exist today in the treatment of similar crimes," she argued at the two-day meeting in
The Hague.

So.... again we hear more of the truth.... BUT... unless there is action taken against those that it holds responsible, it is nothing more than political rhetoric... When is the UN going to take off its collar?
JR.... Saysame

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I-12 Israel withdraws from Lebanon... for Yom Kippur

Israel completes withdrawal from Lebanon
Witnesses said the Israelis began moving tanks and armored carriers out of a few pockets near the border in southern Lebanon after midnight.....Israeli military officials said the last soldiers returned to Israel around 2:30 a.m., ahead of the onset of Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar.

Israel sent the troops into Lebanon shortly after Hezbollah guerrillas abducted two soldiers and killed three others in a July 12 cross-border raid......Israel has been gradually withdrawing troops since ('06 August 14) when the cease-fire went into effect, from a peak of 30,000 during the fighting to several hundred soldiers.
War... Politics and religion (Yom Kippur) - Jewish Year 5767 : sunset October 1, 2006 - nightfall October 2, 2006..... Things that make you go ....Hummmmmmm?

I-11 Dead men tell no tales....or the truth

Israeli strikes target Gaza Strip

An Israeli air strike has killed a Palestinian militant and wounded at least three other people, medical officials in the Gaza Strip say.....It happened in the southern town of Rafah on the border with Egypt...... The Israeli army said the raid had targeted a vehicle used by militants it believed were planning attacks against Israel.......A separate Israeli air strike hit the town of Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza. No injuries were reported.

Palestinian militants had earlier fired a homemade rocket across the border into Israel, striking a house in the town of Sderot...... No one was in the property at the time, but an elderly woman and young boy in the area were slightly wounded by shrapnel.
Palestinian civilians or even militants can't argue or defend themselves against Israeli accusations...when they are DEAD.... and if they are dead... it also makes the Israeli lie, a case for being the truth... Israel is either so terrified and paranoid of being attacked that they attack anything they even suspect of planning to attack them... that's not defense..that a deliberate plan to eliminate any possible threat. Or the Israeli agenda is a cold blooded plan to keep attacking Palestine and eventually kill everyone that resists them in any way. Either way.... the results are the same...